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The place for insider news, here promises you first hand scoop, fast and fresh.


The place for insider news, here promises you first hand scoop, fast and fresh.

  • [PCM] 度身訂造 互動功能更全面


    read moreDecember 17, 2013
  • Nice Surprise at Marketing Excellence Awards 2013

    What a nice surprising evening - 2 Gold awards for Hong Kong Disneyland & 2 Silver for Orbis Moonwalker!! Congratulations to our clients and more importantly thanks our team's great effort!! - ...

    read moreNovember 15, 2013
  • GT is the App Sponsor of Orbis Moonwalker 2013, AGAIN!

    Green Tomato worked with ORBIS again this year as the mobile technology provider, in developing an iPhone and Android app for Orbis Moonwalker Fundraising campaign. With our Pointcast location-bas...

    read moreNovember 09, 2013
  • PCM Biz.IT Excellence 2013

    PCM Biz.IT Excellence Award is an annual IT Solution Excellence Award organized by PC Market. Being one of the annual local IT industry's famous events, "PCM Biz.IT Excellence"...

    read moreOctober 22, 2013
  • [PCM] 商場定位流動推廣 GreenTomato PointCast


    read moreOctober 23, 2013
  • New deployment of Pointcast @Hysan Place

    To mark Hysan Place 1st Anniversary, the shopping is launching a “MOMENTS OF JOY” celebration, starting from 5 August. The “MOMENTS OF JOY” will feature interactive games on a mega LED wall, plus installations alongside a fun-laden 3D Walking Gallery spanning various floors of the mall. The campaign...

    read moreAugust 06, 2013
  • [壹周刊] 全自動生活﹣朗豪坊自來著數

    近年愈來愈多手機著數App,不過買野時未必記得用,錯過哂的優惠。有本地手機app 公司就研發出一套新玩法,裝app後行入商場指定位置,系統就會自動將商場商鋪優惠send入手機,唔使自己摷,而家朗豪坊同K11已試用緊。

    read moreJuly 18, 2013
  • Coca Cola reveals new interactive mobile campaign "Open喇!“ using Pointcast

    Riding on the success of the Chok! Chok! Chok! Campaign from last year, Coca Cola Hong Kong reveals a new digital ad and interactive mobile marketing ...

    read moreJuly 10, 2013
  • Retail Innovation & Management Forum 2013

    Thanks to the popularity of mobility and social media, shoppers are making more informed and selective purchases. To engage with smart customers, new mobile technology is invented to provide more personalized offerings and customized shopping experiences, both offline and online. Retail Innovation & Management Forum 2013..

    read moreJune 25, 2013
  • GT showcasing innovative retail mobile technology @RetailAsia Expo 2013

    GreenTomato has partnered with Designercity, HK's leader in holistic digital solutions, to co-develop numerous collaborative projects and showcase at our Shopper Experience Zone at Retail Asia Expo this year...

    read moreJune 04, 2013
  • Celebrating Our 10th Years. Thanks to You!

    GT is 10 years old today! The company has come a long way since being first founded in 2003 by four ambitious young entrepreneurs. Til now, we have already served over 180...

    read moreApril 26, 2013
  • We're the winner of HKICT 2013 Best Mobile App Grand Award

    We're proud to say that GT Group won the Best Mobile App Grand Award at the HKICT 2013, held in Hong Kong Exhibition Convention Center on Apr 8th 2013. HKICT Award, the top I.T industry award in Hong Kong

    read moreApril 08, 2013
  • HKICT Award 2013 - Award Presentation Ceremony

    GT Group was one of the biggest winners in HKICT 2013. Green Tomato together with the mobile advertising arm Hotmob and indoor positioning technology specialist Senstation, totally scooped 7 awards this year...

    read moreApril 08, 2013
  • [e-zone] 商場推廣新招 手機應用出位


    read moreFebruary 07, 2013
  • [新報] 下載朗豪坊手機App攞盡Jetso

    由即日起,朗豪坊的智能電話App全面革新,加入由本地公司Green Tomato Limited推出的最新PointCast室內定位技術,透過頻率配對劃出3米「Jetso圈」,當你置身商場的「Jetso圈」範圍或精選商店,「Pop Up iCoupon」會自動送上門來...

    read moreJanuary 29, 2013
  • [經濟日報]商場新搞作:室內定位攞着數

    在高樓大廈林立的香港,GPS威力驟減,入到大商場,通常只能靠「水牌」指點。本地研發的PointCast,以往是供失明人士使用的室內定位工具,最近朗豪坊與本地移動方案顧問公司Green Tomato合作,用精準的PointCast於商場內劃出「Jetso圈」

    read moreJanuary 29, 2013
  • 朗豪坊

    朗豪坊升級版Jetso圈App全新登場,換上全新形象的智能電話App加入由本地公司Green Tomato Limited推廣的最新PointCast室內定位技術,透過頻率配對劃出3米「Jetso圈」,當你置身商場的「Jetso圈」範圍或精選商店,「Pop Up iCoupon」會自動送上門來,毋需download,一次過攞盡最新最筍商戶優惠

    read moreJanuary 24, 2013
  • [Marketing Magazine] Langham Place to pinpoint shoppers

    Langham Place is leveraging indoor positioning technology PointCast to send shoppers location-based offers.The newly launched app, called "Jetso Zone", allows shoppers to automatically receive coupons from participating tenants...

    read moreJanuary 23, 2013