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The place for insider news, here promises you first hand scoop, fast and fresh.


The place for insider news, here promises you first hand scoop, fast and fresh.

  • Gartner predicts more enterprises will have in-house enterprise app store

    Recently, users have begun demanding that the enterprise adopt the emerging bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model in which employees access enterprise applications using personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. In order to make ...

    read moreMarch 13, 2013
  • Are you ready to mobilize your business?

    Mobile has become mainstream with worldwide subscribers reaching over 4 billion, nearly over half of the world's population, by the end of 2018, said a study by comsore. While devices such as smartphones and tablets already become the majority of the connections we see today, these products are changing both consumers' and...

    read moreFebruary 28, 2013
  • Why enterprise mobility?

    Today enterprises are looking for solutions that provide flexibility and connectivity for their mobile workforces, ensuring that users are able to operate efficiently on the move. Across the board, for every company, from the management to individual employee, enterprise...

    read moreFebruary 27, 2013
  • Leveraging mobile technology for POS marketing

    The presentation of "Leveraging mobile technology for POS marketing"..

    read moreSeptember 05, 2012
  • Mobile Enterprise Solution Showcase – Metro Group Buying HK

    The Germany-based Metro Group Buying, one of the largest wholesale and retail groups worldwide, introduced a new iOS solution to facilitate its merchandising process.

    read moreAugust 01, 2012
  • Time to Get Prepared for HKICT 2012

    One of the most prestigious events of the IT industry, HKICT is now open for application! Here are 5 tips you might know before writing your script.

    read moreFebruary 01, 2012
  • Will we vote on iPad and tablets in future?

    Whatever the result of last Sunday’s district council election, we wonder that when iPad and tablets will be used to vote in Hong Kong.

    read moreNovember 10, 2011
  • Mobile Web VS Mobile App

    Before entering the market of mobile, you are better to know what exactly a mobile app is, and know the differences between mobile web and mobile app. Let's check it out by comparing the features of these powerful mobile tools.

    read moreOctober 31, 2011
  • Android Ice cream Sandwich Feature Highlights

    Google’s new version of Android OS works on all Android powered devices has been launched last week. Here are some feature highlights that might attract you.

    read moreOctober 25, 2011
  • That’s How We Protect Your Privacy

    Most applications require users to accept its Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions before starting the app. Those statements mainly related to how the developer makes use of your personal data. When you click that "I Agree" button, do you understand thoroughly what you've signed up to?

    read moreOctober 19, 2011
  • Our pick of iOS 5 new features

    Excited excited, iOS5 is finally here tomorrow. Over 200 new features for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch will be included to bring a whole new level of iOS. After rounds of discussion (over lunch and toilet time), we picked our fav 4.

    read moreOctober 11, 2011
  • Thanks Mr Jobs! You have changed the world.

    ‘You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.’

    read moreOctober 10, 2011
  • 5 Strongest Weapons to Support Your App Launch

    Whatever the app is and whoever the audience are, every app has 5 inborn weapons to attract the public. Our Head of Marketing Jacqueline Chong continues to share her ideas on app marketing in the second post of "Voice of GT".

    read moreSeptember 21, 2011
  • Humble Marketing

    To promote your app in an effective way, our Head of Marketing Jacqueline Chong believes ‘Humble Marketing’ will be one of the most appropriate methods at start up stage.

    read moreSeptember 19, 2011
  • What do people say about TalkBox?

    自从有了TalkBox,回家之路不再寂寞; Talkbox is weird and cool at the same time; ..... Now having gained 100K users, we gather here a list of interesting feedbacks from around the world.

    read moreFebruary 26, 2012
  • A look at ‘the average’ iTunes library

    Let's take a look at around one million iTunes libraries over the last two years and see what's been found...

    read moreJanuary 05, 2011
  • What Should An iPad Newspaper Look Like? TechCrunch Asked

    From a reader’s perspective, the optimal iPad newspaper should be three things: Social, Realtime, and Local...

    read moreNovember 23, 2010
  • iPhone most popular phone, Android most used OS — Canalsys

    iPhone is the most popular US smartphone while the Android army’s march has propelled that multiplicity of devices to become the most popular OS.

    read moreNovember 02, 2010