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The place for insider news, here promises you first hand scoop, fast and fresh.


The place for insider news, here promises you first hand scoop, fast and fresh.

  • Nice Surprise at Marketing Excellence Awards 2013

    What a nice surprising evening - 2 Gold awards for Hong Kong Disneyland & 2 Silver for Orbis Moonwalker!! Congratulations to our clients and more importantly thanks our team's great effort!! - ...

    read moreNovember 15, 2013
  • GreenTomato wins big at Mob-Ex Award 2012

    It was a BIG night for us as GT has grabbed 3 big awards including the Best Direct Response Campaign and Best Social app for Hong Kong Movie and TalkBox as well as the Technology Appreciation Award for our...

    read moreDecember 06, 2012
  • [Marketing Magazine] Marketing Insights: Shoppers wanted

    If there was a message all the speakers from Marketing Insights: Retail Marketing forum wanted us to take home yesterday morning, it was this: be creative, but to the right audiences...

    read moreSeptember 10, 2012
  • [Marketing Magazine] New mobile app in stock for traders

    Hong Kong – Sun Hung Kai Financial makes buying and selling easier with an in-app stock trading mobile platform by Green Tomato.

    read moreSeptember 10, 2012
  • [Marketing Magazine] 第三次流動革新後的生活

    Over the next decade, Mocom, a think-tank focused on the future of mobile media, says there will be three critical mobile revolutions that will set the scene...

    read moreDecember 19, 2011
  • GreenTomato is the Official Cocktail Party Sponsor of Marketing Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards 2011

    We are proud to be the mobile developer behind the application of such game changer as Marketing Magazine. It is indeed our great honor to be the sponsor of MM’s app launch cocktail party.

    read moreJune 18, 2011