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The place for insider news, here promises you first hand scoop, fast and fresh.


The place for insider news, here promises you first hand scoop, fast and fresh.

  • Hong Kong Computer Society ICT Career Talk

    We're glad to be invited by Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS) to speak at a ICT career session at a secondary school and share with the students the prospect of ICT industry, the successful factors as well as discuss the huge impact of IT on business and daily life...

    read moreMarch 01, 2013
  • Road to Entrepreneurial Action 2013

    GT treats young talents seriously and values their unlimited potential especially for those whose vision is big enough to take the "unusual" entrepreneurship career path. That's why we've been actively participating in different career sessions and entrepreneurs talks to share our experience and promote the entrepreneurship mind set to thousands of young people for the past year.

    read moreFebruary 04, 2013
  • [email protected] IVE ICT case sharing

    It was a great pleasure for us to be with the students and share what we have been learning and experiencing in the mobile industry at the IVE ICT gathering on 10 Aug 2012.

    read moreAugust 14, 2012
  • GreenTomato @PolyU business case sharing

    Thank PolyU for the kind invitation. GreenTomato is glad to be selected as guest lecture speaker sharing some mobile marketing tips and experiences. Our marketing manager, Gilman Yu, presented "What you do...

    read moreJuly 09, 2012
  • GreenTomato @Inno Tech 2012

    Our COO, Benny Leung, shared how mobile innovation and technology can help to meet the current challenges as guest speaker to over 100 engineers students at Innovation Technology 2012...

    read moreJuly 17, 2012
  • GreenTomato @IVE Career Expo

    Glad to meet many lovely faces in IVE Career Expo on 29 Apr. We would like to say thank you to IVE as we were very lucky to be one of the most popular employers on the floor.

    read moreApril 30, 2012
  • Company Visit by VTC Students

    3 groups of students from Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education's Department of Information and Communications Technology and Department of Communication Design and...

    read moreDecember 28, 2011
  • Career Readiness Series in Universities Cooperated with Apple

    Creating and developing app is about solving a need and providing a solution. Invited by Apple, Sunny and Jacqueline shared some tips on getting the hottest job in the mobile industry to 4 tertiary schools students...

    read moreOctober 03, 2011
  • Company Visit by City University Students

    2 groups of students from City University's Department of Information Systems came to visit us on March 4 & March 11.

    read moreMarch 11, 2011
  • IVE students visiting GreenTomato’s office

    20 IVE students visited our office on Nov 17. We toured them around and made some presentations. It was fun. Hope they enjoyed it too!

    read moreNovember 25, 2010
  • GreenTomato Proudly Supports MCL’s 1st Student Film Festival

    GreenTomato Proudly Supports MCL's 1st Student Film Festival. To nurture a new generation of local filmmaking talents, Multiplex Cinema Ltd. organizes the first Student Film Festival.

    read moreOctober 28, 2010