Why enterprise mobility?

Why enterprise mobility? Today enterprises are looking for solutions that provide flexibility and connectivity for their mobile workforces


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Why enterprise mobility?

In News February 27, 2013

Today enterprises are looking for solutions that provide flexibility and connectivity for their mobile workforces, ensuring that users are able to operate efficiently on the move. Across the board, for every company, from the management to individual employee, enterprise mobility means the ability to respond more quickly to customers and co-workers.

Cost savings, flexibility and productivity

It is estimated that 900 million media tablets will be purchased by 2016 – one for every eight people on earth. This means that nearly 63% of enterprises are looking to mobility for cost savings and close to 50% are responding to employee demand for the flexibility that mobility provides. These impressive numbers show that implementing enterprise mobile solution is only going to get more important for businesses in the next five years and beyond. Driven by the explosive growth in smartphone and tablet sales, enterprise mobility has become an essential part of business. Many vertical industries are developing internal and external-facing mobile applications that drive revenue, build brand loyalty, strengthen communication with partners, and enhance employee productivity. Companies that have aggressively embraced enterprise mobility are seeing an impressive return on their investment.

Mobility is providing immediate benefit to enterprises

The introduction of enterprise mobile solution has already brought immediate benefits to enterprises. According to a recent survey by Forrester Research, 75% of companies have “increased worker productivity” after deploying mobile apps due to faster decision-making; faster resolution of customer and internal IT issues (48%); and improved customer satisfaction (42%). In making business data available via application software to mobile devices increases the use and value of corporate data through real-time access, high availability, less delay, faster response and better customer engagement.

Organizations from different vertical markets, such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, education, supply & logistics, and manufacturing, are seeing the value of mobilizing enterprise information and making it available to customers, employees, and partners. These organizations are making smartphones and tablet devices an important part of their sales, marketing, operations, and human resource strategies by developing customer facing mobile applications that drive revenue growth, build customer loyalty, and strengthen brand awareness. They are also creating internally focused applications that aim to improve employee and partner efficiency, communication, and productivity.