TalkBox is Grand Award Winner APICTA 2011

One tiny voice messenger app from Hong Kong pushing all the boundaries and becoming an APICTA grand winner.


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TalkBox is Grand Award Winner APICTA 2011

In Awards November 11, 2011

When the MC announced the grand winner of the communication category, every one in the hall were so surprised. Our components were of course not happy but even myself and my fellow Hong Kong delegates couldn’t believe that one tiny mobile voice messenger could beat telco giants in this tough competition.

Even the chief judge secretly told me after the event that they already made up their mind on the winner before I entered the room. Like how it enchanted its 12 million users around the world, the judging panel was mesmerized by TalkBox’s magic.

People are curious what I did to convince the judges that we are the best and just like what’s shown in this video clip, when you see something so simple yet so beautiful, you know you’re looking at a winner.

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