Mobile Used in Creative Marketing

AXA and Daffy's campaigns demonstrated how mobile solutions can be incorporated cleverly into creative marketing. AXA puts the first iAd in newspapers and magazines while Daffy's blended live text messaging into window shopping, a fashion show and an interactive peep show.


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Mobile Used in Creative Marketing

In Opinion October 05, 2010

AXA launched its app in Belgium through the first iAd in newspapers and magazines.

From expressioninspiration
AXA Insurance in Belgium launched an iPhone app to help its customers with claims as they happen. This was the first on-the-go mobile service within Belgium so AXA wanted to reach not only its existing customers, but also attract new ones.

Therefore, they used traditional high-reach media to drive awareness of their app to the general public but also encouraged a quick download. What media? Newspaper. However, instead of a dull “call to download” or an impersonal QR code, they embedded a short video into the print ad that can be viewed by placing our iPhone on the page. The video demonstrates a circumstance (albeit unusual) where their app could come in handy. Once viewed, the app is easily downloaded right off the page.

Daffy’s Text To Undress.

From scaryideas
A street-level event was created to blend window shopping, a fashion show, an interactive peep show and live text messaging. The Daffy’s ‘Undressing Room’ featured live models stationed in the Daffy’s display window at the retailers Herald Square Flagship, right across the street from Macy’s. All through the night, pedestrians passing by the store were encouraged to send a text requesting the stylish clothes the models in the window must try on (and take off). Every text message Daffy’s received was on display for the crowds that had gathered to watch. And each of the models directly responded to the thousands of text messages that came in.