Enterprise Mobility - iOS? Android? or other?

Over the last few years consumer devices have overtaken enterprise devices in a lot of ways.


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Enterprise Mobility - iOS? Android? or other?

In News April 30, 2013

Over the last few years consumer devices have overtaken enterprise devices in a lot of ways. Many of the features originally developed for the enterprise are now leveraged in mobile phones that we all have. Does this mean it’s a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a device for an enterprise mobility project? Far from it, more choice brings more debate and more confusion. BYOD may suit many organizations and mobile solutions it’s worth looking carefully at your own situation by asking yourself four easy questions to determine which devices are appropriate.

1) Who are the mobile users?

When formulating a strategy for device selection I normally start with the user roles. For example:

- Executives
- Sales
- Customers
- Partners
- IT Personnel
- Consumers

 2) Where and when will they use the device?

Of course the environment may vary within a user group. This might be the time when you determine sub-groups with slightly different needs. The following use profiles may help you determine the functionality and physical hardware requirements.

- Underground worker
- Driver or work in a vehicle
- work in wet or high temperature area
- Real time communication

3) What are the needs of the software?

You may have covered this stuff when evaluating the use cases, however its good to cross check and consider any technical requirements that you will have for the devices:

- OS version upgrade
- Browser that supports HTML5 (or flash)
- Anti Virus
- Connectivity
- Printing support

4) What are the device requirement? 

The device hardware requirements are another important factor while considering implementing mobile strategy into enterprises since different verticals would have different specific hardware functionalities to suit for their needs.

Device requirements to consider:

- Screen size
- Input method
- Battery life
- 4G/ Wifi support

It’s hard to come up one single rule to apply for all businesses as they all have very different needs and requirements on both software and hardware sides. To better plan for your enterprise mobility strategy, some general rules might be helpful but it would definitely need to customize the whole package to fit all your company’s needs.

Do you have any experience for implementing enterprise mobile strategy for your company? Leave us a comment and share your experience!