Analyst: IPad a Want, Then a Need

Journalist's note: For me, the iPad started out as an incremental purchase, driven by early adopter mania. But now, having used the device for some time, I see it as a needful one. In other words, I wanted the iPad, but I didn’t realize I needed one until I had a chance to use it.


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Analyst: IPad a Want, Then a Need

In Opinion October 04, 2010

All Things Digital: Don’t Analyst: IPad a Want, Then a Need

If netbook sales are in decline, Apple’s (AAPL) iPad isn’t to blame–not yet, anyway.

According to a new survey from NPD, only 13 percent of iPad owners bought the device in lieu of a PC. For the other 87 percent, it was an incremental purchase, a luxury purchase.


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